Oh Captain, My Captain (‘s Quiz)

Paul, over at the Captain’s Speech has been hosting the preeminent blogging quiz awhile now. I was a slow starter, but I created the ultimate underdog feel good story by taking the Captains’ Championship Crown in the last round. It’s a strange feeling to be defending the golden podium. I’m not sure I like having such high expectations of myself. I’m much more comfortable flying high and loose without a real care. I’m going to try and channel my underdog energy and let’s see how this turns out. All I’m truly confident about is that this will be a fun time. Paul has a way of making things interesting.

Captain’s Speech – The Captain’s Quiz 7 “Well That’s New”


1. In the first High School Musical movie, Troy and Gabriella sing a song called, “Start of Something New”. What are three things you would tell kids before they start high school?

The future tense of this question throws me since both of my kids have already finished high school and I’m completely over and done with the whole educating teenagers thing (not just physically, but emotionally). With that said, here is my advice:

1) Be unapologetically yourself. Peer pressure is overrated.

2) Have fun (safely). This is the time to experiment and discover yourself…but don’t be stupid about it.

3) Get the Taco Salad for school lunch. You’ll never find it on the menu again for the rest of your life. Don’t live to regret this important decision.

2. The first iPhone came out in 2007 and thousands of people lined up to get one. What is the longest you’ve ever stood in a line? What was it for? Was it worth the wait?

Shoot. I hope I don’t lose the whole quiz based on this question. I don’t think I have any epic line waiting stories. I’m struggling to recollect. The longest line I’ve ever waited on, based on how long it felt, was probably at the DMV trying to get my driver’s license changed from Vermont to New Jersey. Boy that was painful (but I’d be facetious if I said it wasn’t worth it). I’d say the wait was probably 2 hours in total.

Darn. I really think the points are going to favor those that have fanatically waited overnight to get into a concert or something, but I gotta stay true to the facts.

3. On the game show, The Price is Right, they often give away a brand new car and most contestants jump up and down in excitement. If you won a new car on TV, how would you feel?

I’d be happy about winning a major prize. That just doesn’t happen to me. I’m never a winner at even small types of prize give-aways. But, honestly, my happiness would be a bit muted as I’d be wondering about how much tax I would owe on this thing and whether there would be an option to take a cash alternative. A car is a very personal and long-term choice. It’s very unlikely the prize car would be something that I would actually want to own and drive myself. I guess I could give it to my kids. But the tax thing is still bothering me. I know. I know. Boring answer. But again, I’m stuck with being an honest bloke.

4. Four teams in the NFL have the word “New” in their name: New Orleans, New England, and New York (x2). What are three words that have “new” anywhere in the word.

Newt. Knew. Anew.

5. In what year did your favourite artist/band put out their latest album? How many songs are on that album and how many of them do you like?

Current favorite band is twenty one pilots. Their last album release was in 2021: Scaled and Icy which included 11 songs. This album is quite a bit different from my earlier favorites (Vessel and Blurry Face), but I still enjoy it considerably. I just re-listened to the album from beginning to end and can confirm that I like 8 of 11 songs (the other three are ok, just neutral).

6. Many items (books, cars, video games, clothes, etc.) can be bought used, instead of new. Tell me about some used items you’ve purchased.

Hmm. Purchased, huh? I’ve acquired plenty of used items for free over the years (isn’t that how we all furnished our first apartments before IKEA existed?). But actually handed cash over for? Let’s see. All I can remember is the Nintendo NES game system I bought from a co-worker at my part-time job in a movie theater back in high school for about 60 bucks. A great deal. It came with a number of games including Super Mario, which I eventually played to completion.

7. What foods are just as good, if not better, as leftovers?

Spaghetti and most pastas are just as good as left-overs. Leftover spaghetti is a super comfort food for me as it reminds me of my childhood when all spaghetti was overcooked. Lasagna is particularly amazing 2nd day. Stews and Chilies are better as leftovers as the flavors really come together and the texture thickens deliciously.

8. You need a new pair of shoes. Describe the process of finding the perfect pair.

Aesthetics come first. Pick out some choices that look good for the purpose you need. Then comes fit and comfort. Here it’s critical to try on both the left and right shoe and walk around a little bit (make sure to bring socks that are representative of what you would wear with this type of shoe). Each foot is different so don’t make the mistake of buying based on trying just one. Last is price. If they look good and feel good, then you just need to assess if they are within your budget. I’m inclined to spend more on shoes than other articles of clothing as quality is so critical to comfort and durability.

9. Would you rather have a new friend, a new book, or a new TV show to watch? Explain your choice.

New friend. I’m an introvert living in a foreign land so friends are rare and precious. Becoming friends with someone is a mutual affair. A new book or show just requires my individual effort to find something I’m interested in. I recently ‘acquired’ a new friend. A fellow American living in my neighborhood and we’ve been hanging out some. It’s been a blessing.

10. The Newlywed Game is a game that married couples, as well as friends, play to see how well they know each other. The last person you texted/sent a message to, is your partner. How well would you do at this game?

My Mom. I sent her my wordle results for the day. Ok, mom as partner is a bit awkward in the context of a newlywed theme, but we’ve got this! Mom and I grew up together and we speak weekly now, so I think we would rock this game.


1. You just got a new job and must introduce yourself by sending a group email to your new co-workers. Write your introductory email as if you’re typing it while riding a rollercoaster.


2. A new restaurant is opening in your town. You decide to go there for dinner a month after they open. Write a review of your experience. (All the details: name of restaurant, food, layout, etc., are up to you).

Curtis’ BBQ (Shanghai) is a dream come true. A true-to-original recreation of this southern Vermont treasure was established by Curtis’ daughter, Clarissa, who learned to BBQ under her father’s guidance. The only restaurant in all Shanghai serving food from an old school bus, and with a pet pig overseeing the pit as bonus. I ordered the full menu for old times sake and not a single regret. Five Stars! Highly Recommended!

originally published in Monty’s Very Short Shorts
originally published in Monty’s Almanac 202x

3. You are the creator of a new social media platform. Tell me about it.

One is the transformative new social platform that allows every community member one post per 24 hours. One post like per 24 hours. One post comment per 24 hours. Make them count!

(Inspired by Wordle’s limit of one game per day creating more lasting engagement and interest. In this world of too much of everything sometimes less is more).

Be well,



  1. Kathleen says:

    Love love love this. Especially the partner choice….)


  2. gigglingfattie says:

    Gosh darn it Monty I wanted to be the first person to post answers! But if you read my post from last night you’ll know my week was poop and I just didnt have the mental energy. I almost posted it without doing the bonus questions! I also read your answers before finishing my own which I try not to do but I’m glad because I misread one and now have yo go back and change it lol I don’t think I’ll be getting in the top 3 this time which will suck but I’m still Quiz Queen with most wins and most consecutive wins so I’m ok with that lol


    1. Monty Vern says:

      You are the ultimate quiz queen and will always be a champion. Even if Paul does this till he’s 80 there will never be another first time three time champion. And besides I’m just keeping the podium warm…haha. Glad you caught the misread question. I’ll be happy with an assist 😃. Sorry about posting too fast. It happens with us guys sometimes 🙈.


  3. Paul says:

    I have now finished marking your quiz, thanks for doing this again as reigning champion! I’ll share my main thoughts here rather than in the Results post.
    1. Good advice
    2. All of a sudden I’m getting flashbacks to standing in line to renew my license and making friends with the people around me because we were there so long
    3. The contestants do have an option to reject any prize they win!
    5. I like a few of their songs
    6. Ah, I should’ve put “acquired” instead of “purchased” in the question, good call
    7. Leftover lasagna is wonderful
    8. You said “each foot is different” and I had an momentary identity crisis haha I have never thought of that before
    9. Very good reasoning for a new friend over the other options
    B1. This is what I was looking for…along with other words lol
    B2. A pet pig on watch! I like it.
    B3. This is very smart.

    Good luck with the results!


    1. Monty Vern says:

      Wow! A comprehensive feedback session. I love it. This is the type of interaction and communication that makes this event and this community so fun. Thanks!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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