For those that don’t know me, I’m a work-in-progress everything, but especially in the area of drawing/art. The last time that I learned art was in high school and it was my lowest grade (which I resented at the time, but fair in retrospect given my effort and talent).

However, when I started creative writing in early 2020, I felt there were some things that were better articulated visually then with words alone. So, I started creating companion illustrations for my poetry and short stories. Since then I have primarily focused on visual expressions of my creative idea, but recently I decided to up my skill game and practice some of the basics. My thought is that by refining some of these skills, I will be able to bring them back into my creative pieces in the future.

With all that said, here are a few of my recent “skill building” attempts which have centered around food and drink. If your interested in seeing my attempts at human form, check out my Sketchy Drawings.

“Western Chinese Bread”
“Tea Time”
“Sweat Potato”

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