The Blogger Games II – Week 2

Paul, over at the Captain’s Speech hosted the first ever blogger games last year during the Summer Olympics. It was a fun time. The competition was fierce and although I made the podium once during the five week games, I didn’t place in the end. Well, the time is nigh for that to change. Peckapalooza from The Confusing Middle, one of my fellow contestants in the first games, has negotiated organizing rights with Paul and is hosting The Blogger Games II just in time to coincide with the winter games.

The Blogger Games II – Week 2 (The Confusing Middle)

Before we begin, I must remark that last week’s bronze medal showing was a disappointment. I know, I know, I should be grateful for a medal. But scoring only three points out of a total ten points available was a bit of a shock to my system. Not only that, but I was shaken to my core with the discovery that Peckapalooza puts mayo on his hot dogs! How can I be confident in any answer moving forward knowing that Peckapalooza isn’t like any other human I’ve ever known? But after thinking about it for awhile, I figured out my new strategy. I’m going to guess against my intuition on every question this week. Given that my intuition only yielded my three points last week. I’m expecting this strategy to earn me at least six points. Let’s see how this works out.


1. Why was Peckapalooza not allowed to participate in intramural flag football in college? A) He had asthma B) He was a dropper C) He was too slow

Answer: A) He had asthma. So the most logical answer here is that he had asthma, but obviously the answer can’t be that logical so it must be one of others (probably he was a dropper). But going with my new strategy I’m back to he had asthma.

2. What position did Peckapalooza play in 7th grade baseball? A) Short Stop B) Catcher C) Right Field

Answer: A) Short Stop. My intuition is that the correct answer is right field (same position I played in 7th grade baseball by the way and I was a terrible baseball player). So again using my strategy, I’ve got either short stop or catcher left as options. I usually would opt for B since the last answer was A to avoid repeated answers, so I’m going with A.

3. What injury did Peckapalooza sustain on New Year’s Eve, 1999 while roller skating? A) Dislocated Shoulder B) Sprained Ankle C) Broken Tailbone

Answer: A) Dislocated Shouler. I’d normally have selected broken tailbone here as it would have allowed me to make a bad joke about Peckapalooza breaking his ass, but alas my strategy will not allow this. So it’s once again “A” – that makes three in a row.

4. Where did Peckapalooza attend his first Major League Baseball game? A) Fenway Park B) Yankee Stadium C) Camden Yards

Answer: C) Camden Yards. I’d love to think it was Fenway Park which is where I saw my first MLB game. Perhaps even the same game vs. the Seattle Mariners when Boston lost the game 9-1 (I was being a little contrarian brat and routing for the Mariners). It was bat day too so I went home with a little souvenir to commemorate the Red Socks stinking performance on that day. So, I’m going with NOT Fenway Park.

5. What is Peckapalooza’s favorite movie about baseball? A) A League of Their Own B) Field of Dreams C) Bull Durham

Answer: C) Bull Durham. All of these were excellent movies, but I would rank order them from best to least as 1st Field of Dreams, 2nd A League of Their Own, and 3rd Bull Durham. So I’m going with Bull Durham.

6. Who was the home team at the only NHL game Peckapalooza has ever attended? A) Washington Capitals B) Philadelphia Flyers C) Carolina Hurricanes.

Answer: C) Carolina Hurricanes. It’s time to go with another C to make three in a row. My first NHL game was NY Rangers (home) vs. NJ Devils and it was crazy at Madison Square Garden. Before that I’d seen some practice games by the Islanders. Overall, I’ve probably seen about 8 games, including one NHL pre-season game that was played in Shanghai a few years ago, but I don’t recall the teams.

7. Which college athlete did Peckapalooza often run transactions for while working as a bank teller? A) Russell Wilson B) Andrew Luck C) Robert Griffen III

Answer: C) Robert Griffen III. Breaking the threesome with a fourth “C” answers. I was tempted to break strategy and make some joke about Wilson, the volleyball, but alas I’ve got to stick to this scientific experiment to ensure I can interpret the results correctly for next round.

8: What local bowling alley did Peckapalooza bowl at in his Saturday morning youth league? A) All-Star Lanes B) Lee-Hi Lanes C) Hilltop Lanes

Answer: C) Hilltop Lanes. Another “C” answer but this time its just happenstance. Obviously you can’t have a bowling alley on a hilltop, so the answer can’t possibly be Hilltop Lanes (so therefor it must be).

9. Which sport would Peckapalooza support in becoming an Olympic sport? A) Ultimate Frisbee B) Calvinball C) Competitive Cup Stacking

Answer: B) Calvinball. What the heck is Calvinball? I’ve got absolutely no intuition on this one so a pure guess.

10) Why did Peckapalooza attend every Girls’ JV Soccer home game as a freshman in high school? A) His cousin was on the team and was his ride B) He had a crush on a girl on the team C) His earth science teacher was the coach and gave her students extra credit for attending

Answer: B) He had a crush on a girl on the team. My intuition is he was going for extra credit so…

Monty’s Turn:

Last week I veered off from the specific questions Peckapalooza raised so in keeping with the spirit of my strategy this week, I’ll address each question straight on:

Did you play any sports when growing up? I mostly played soccer (indoor and outdoor) competitively. I also tried one season each of basketball, baseball, and cross-country skiing.

What did you like/dislike about gym class? My favorite activity in gym was floor hockey by far. My least favorite was line-dancing.

Which sports do you like to watch/follow? My most preferred sport to watch live is ice hockey. American football is the best for tv viewing. I’m not following any sports to closely these days as I’m on the wrong side of the world for the sports I’m interested in.

Have you ever gotten hurt playing sports? My only broken bone was an injury while playing football at recess during the 8th grade. It was a hairline fracture of the wrist which I landed on after failing to make a catch.

Be well,



  1. peckapalooza says:

    “It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ’em.”


    1. Monty Vern says:

      Hehe 😜. My intuition says no…so obviously YES!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mayo on a hot dog? Well, I would have given up, too.

    I used to play soccer, too. I think it’s a sport highly undervalued in the US.


  3. Paul says:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you went with a different approach.

    The mayo on a hotdog is eye-opening, isn’t it? I respect that everyone has their own tastes. I’m just curious to know how one stumbles upon realizing they like mayo on a hotdog. Same goes for people who like fries with mayo. How do they ever think to try it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Monty Vern says:

      These are questions I don’t have answers for…haha!


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