Green Shoots

Here is a beautifully descriptive poem from the Jamaican born poet, Claude McKay.

The Tropics in New York

Bananas ripe and green, and gingerroot,

Cocoa in pods and alligator pears,

And tangerines and mangos and grapefruit,

Fit for the highest prize at parish fairs,

Set in the window, bringing memories

Of fruit trees laden by low-singing rills,

And dewy dawns, and mystical blue skies

In benediction over nun-like hills.

My eyes grew dim, and I could no more gaze;

A wave of longing through my body swept,

And hungry for the old, familiar ways,

I turned aside and bowed my head and wept.

by Claude McKay (1890-1948)

The following is a Golden Shovel poem from the line “And dewy dawns, and mystical blue skies”. If your not familiar with the Golden Shovel poetic form, here is a description.

Green Shoots

written and illustrated by Monty Vern

Green shoots and

Early buds bathed dewy

By spring dawns


Sunbeams mystical

With whispering mist above glistening blue

Puddles reflecting partly cloudy skies.

What a wonderful line to work with and there are many more lines in this poem worth exploring further too. I’m particularly fond of the line “Cocoa in pods and alligator pears”, which is the prompt for this weeks Get Your Golden Shovel collaboration (which you’re very welcome to join!).

Be well,


1 Comment

  1. Kathleen says:

    Delicious! Cocoa
    Seduced from pods
    And finding
    Of alligator
    Under the shack
    Where massages mysteriously happen
    In zihua
    Like sweet whispers of pears


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