The Blogger Games II – Week 3

Paul, over at the Captain’s Speech hosted the first ever blogger games last year during the Summer Olympics. It was a fun time. The competition was fierce and although I made the podium once during the five week games, I didn’t place in the end. Well, the time is nigh for that to change. Peckapalooza from The Confusing Middle, one of my fellow contestants in the first games, has negotiated organizing rights with Paul and is hosting The Blogger Games II just in time to coincide with the winter games.

The Blogger Games II – Week 3 (The Confusing Middle)

So last week I took a bold turn on my strategy by guessing against my intuition on every question. How did this work out? Not so well. I got only 4/10 correct, just slightly ahead of random chance and slightly worse relative to the first week. My KPI for the strategy was minimum 6 correct answers. So back to the strategic drawing board.

As soon as I saw this week’s questions (all about preferences) and that they were somewhat consistent with first Blogger Games hosted by Paul, which Peckapalooza also played, I knew that I needed to make a critical decision. How to best use this data? Here’s the thing, I think it’s human nature to assume that other peoples preferences are the same as ours if we like them (and different if we don’t like them). So, if Peckapalooza likes Paul, I should choose the same/similar answers that Peckapalooza chose for Paul in the original games. If he hates Paul, then I should go with the opposite answer. Make sense? Of course, Peckapalooza could be indifferent or indecisive about liking Paul, but where is the fun in thinking that?

My answer: Paul is Peckapalooza’s best (virtual) bud.

Why? Because Paul is so darn likable! Nuff’ said!


1. Which way does Peckapalooza like the toilet paper roll to hang? A) Over B) Under

Answer: A) Over. Peckapalooza guessed (wrongly) that Paul prefers over, so that is what I’m going with. I got this one wrong about Paul too. This could be a tough one as some, like me, don’t really have a strong preference. I don’t care how it hangs myself as long as it’s there when I need it.

2. Sandwiches taste better when they are…? A) Not Cut B) Cut Diagonally

Answer: B) Cut Diagonally. Peckapalooza and I both guess this correctly for Paul and frankly there is no other right answer anyway.

3. When it comes to watching shows on TV, does Peckapalooza like to watch them…? A) Week to Week B) Binged All At Once

Answer: B) Binged All At Once. This question varies from the original where Peckapalooza guessed “Later (recorded)” correctly about Paul. I didn’t. I was thinking about sports and assuming Paul would want to watch them live, but I should have focused on “shows”. Anyway, I figure Binged is the closest answer here to “Later”.

4. Is Peckapalooza a…? A) Night Owl B) Morning Person

Answer: A) Night Owl. Peckapalooza got this right about Paul and I got it wrong (what does that say about whether I like Paul?! I suggest, let’s not overanalyze this strategy!). I myself like to wake up early (5am everyday). I’m a serious morning person.

5. Which fries does Peckapalooza like more? A) McDonald’s B) Burger King

Answer: A) McDonalds. Almost everyone got this wrong about Paul. Probably because Paul got this one wrong himself. Now, Peckapalooza switched out Wendy’s with Burger King on this question, which would hint at the fact that Burger King might be the correct answer, but I think it’s a red herring and I’m sticking with MickyD’s (because it’s the right answer whether it’s correct or not!).

6. Peckapalooza likes to sleep on his…? A) Side B) Back

Answer: A) Side. This question almost threw me as it wasn’t binary in the original games, but I did some extra digging and confirmed Peckapalooza guessed (wrongly) side for this one. Personally, I’m most often on my stomach (like Paul).

7. When ordering a beverage at a restaurant does Peckapalooza…? A) Use a Straw B) Drink from the Glass

Answer: B) Drink from the Glass. Peckapalooza and I both guess this wrong for Paul. Paul had framed this question around drinking from a small milk carton…Paul is still a kid at heart and we weren’t thinking straight. Who even still drinks from milk cartons after grade school? I prefer drinking from the glass to avoid the “plasticy” flavor of the straw.

8: Peckapalooza would rather be…? A) Hot B) Cold

Answer: B) Cold. Ok, so this one wasn’t on the original set of questions so I’m flying blind on this one. I’ll take my 50/50 chances. I personally prefer to be cold because there is something that I can do about it (put on more layers), but there are only so many layers that I can take off before I become an indecent exposure, so…

9. Peckapalooza would rather live…? A) On a Lake B) At the Beach

Answer: A) On a Lake. This is another new question so I’m projecting my own preference here. If there was an option to live on a rocky ocean shore I would have gone with that as I love the waves, but I’m not a fan of sand.

10) Which young adult book series does Peckapalooza like more? A) Percy Jackson B) Harry Potter

Answer: B) Harry Potter. Another new question and another projection of my personal preferences. Harry Potter is a much better crafted world/story than Percy Jackson.

I’ve shared my own preferences in most of the questions above, so I’ll just jump to predictions. This week I fully expect to score 7/10 correctly (considering that some of the questions were new and I wasn’t able to directly apply my strategy). Let’s see how this works out!

Be well,



  1. gigglingfattie says:

    Haha this is such a cute tactic! Both Paul and Aaron are exceptional human beings!

    I need to get some time to write my own answers haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Monty Vern says:

      Thanks! I’m way too proud of myself for these “strategic” attempts, but it’s too fun for the nerd in me. Agree Aaron and Paul are great humans. So are your. Hope you get that relaxing weekend that you need.


      1. gigglingfattie says:

        Hehe already relaxing!! Although the police are breaking up the occupation downtown today (FINALLY) so Im watching the intense news

        Liked by 1 person

  2. peckapalooza says:

    I’d comment… but I don’t want to give anything away…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Paul says:

    The Lake/Beach question was tough. I initially had Lake and then changed my mind. It could go either way.


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