February Hits & Misses (a recap)

Wow! Another month of 2022 has wrapped-up already. I know February is the shortest month, but sheesh, it really flew by!

I want to give one last February shout-out to Sandra, from What Sandra Thinks for providing an inspiring list of prompts for the month. They were very open ended which provided nice flexibility of interpretation. While, I made some additional posts in addition to the daily prompt posts, it was nice to have a regular source of inspiration each day.

Here is a recap of the top three posts and the worst performer (based on number of views) for February.

No. 1: Get Your Golden Shovel (series)

The Stats: 67 views for top post (200+ views for all posts in the series)

The Gist: A poetry collaboration series based on the Golden Shovel form. Members of the writing and blogging community joined to provide some very creative content.

The Take-away: What a blast! I was super happy with the collaboration and had a fun time myself. This series will be back (in a slightly modified format for poetry month in April). Stay tuned and I encourage you to give it a try (it’s a great form for both established poets and newbies).

No. 2: Apples Eating Zebras

The Stats: 30 views

The Gist: A poem! This is actually another Golden Shovel poem but not part of the above mentioned series. I kinda got addicted to the form and was playing around with it on an ad-hoc basis.

The Take-away: I adore this poem. It was supper fun to write and even more fun to share. Thanks for all of the appreciation received. If you missed this one be sure to check it out!

No. 3: Daily Droppings: “You Knew?”

The Stats: 29 views

The Gist: This was the first post in the new series “Daily Droppings” which sourced its inspiration from Sandra of What Sandra Thinks. The prompt for this post was “You Knew?”. It tells the tale of a very serious violation of privacy.

The Take-Away: I’m not sure why this one performed stronger than the others in the series. Perhaps it’s just a result of being the first and getting a few extra views throughout the month.

The Flop: Daily Droppings: “Title”

The Stats: 6 views

The Gist: A shameless promotion of my five indie published titles.

The Take-away: You all apparently don’t appreciate shameless promotion. But I ask you, as an independent writer, how else to spread the word of my babies? It’s quite the dilemma. On the positive side, I did manage one sale this month (up from 0 for the past six months)! While the timing suggests it wasn’t related to this post, I’ll take it as a silver lining.

Be well,


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