Swimming with the Otters (A Silver Lining)

It was this poem by Hannah Aizeman (shared to me by my mom) that inspired me to the idea of The Silver Lining, a new twist on the The Golden Shovel form. Read about The Silver Lining and join in.

As a fathom of waters

As a keeper of otters

As a fan of the Dodgers

As a foremost scholar

As a leaver of mothers

As a giver of…

from “As a Father of Daughters” by Hannah Aizenman

Swimming with the Otters

a Silver Lining by Monty Vern

How far can I fathom?

I’m into the deepest of waters.

Am I a keeper?

I’m swimming with the otters.

Am I a broken old fan?

I’d have been one of the draft dodgers.

Am I on your mind foremost?

I’m an imperfect scholar.

Am I a leaver?

I regret, yes, of mothers.

Am I a giver?

Of all five quarters.

Am I a failure?

I’m a victor of rathers.

Am I faithful?

I’m an imperfect supporter.

What about me do you gather?

I’m not there, but We’re here, together.

Is it me you fear?

I am my disorder.

Am I a phantom?

I’m enough drama for the operas.

Am I a defender?

I cross borders.

Am I a frayer?

I cross wires.

Am I a good friend?

I’m prescribed by the good doctors.

Am I my own author?

I’m unsure of the gospels.

Am I grazing life’s field?

While I’m waiting for slaughter.

Be well,


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