Thoughts of Love and Life on a Spring Day

Today I live by both chance and choice, by nature and nurture. The balance has shifted these years. Much more choice. Much more nurture.

Today I embrace life more tightly as I feel its fragility. A love lost her love. I feel anxious not to lose. Not to be lost.

Carl Sandburg has a poem titled “Love Is a Deep and a Dark and A Lonely”. What a deep, and dark, and lonely thought.

I think, I’m wrong to talk about “a love being lost”. This is not quite right. It’s not love that was lost, but life. The love lives on. Deeply, darkly, lonelily.

And I guess it’s not life that I fear losing. It’s the living, and loving, after a life’s moved on.

Yet, life will move on in some order of its own making. More nature than nurture. More chance then choice.

These are the thoughts that come to my mind on this beautiful spring day.

Be well,



  1. Beautiful and thought provoking!

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      Thank you 🙏

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