The Storyteller (Sunday Scribblings)

Peckapalooza over at The Confusing Middle runs a weekly prompt called Sunday Scribblings. This weeks’ theme is storytelling. Check out his post and join in the creativity!

Sunday Scribblings #97 – Storytelling

The Storyteller

Let there be light, the storyteller said.

And then there was light.

Let there be love.

Then there were lovers.

And lovers’ families quarreling.

And then death,

Then sorrow,

And grief.

And an uncertain smile.

And a shy laugh.

Let there be rebirth, the storyteller said.

And then there were zombies, walking dead.

And fear,

And horror,

And excitement,

And laughing out loud.

And harsh shushes

And imperfect silence.

As the storyteller fell silent.

“Tell us more,” they begged of the storyteller.

Tell us the meaning of life, and death.

“Tell us!” “Tell us!”, they said.

“Not now”, the storyteller said,

“It’s time to go to bed.”

Be well,



  1. Kathleen says:

    Let there be applause. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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