The Unslumpening

A few days ago I wrote about being in The Slumps. I’m pleased to report that I’ve begun to unslump. It’s not a straightforward affair, but more ups than downs. More chuckles than frowns.

Yesterday, I went for a long walk. I found this fish on the sidewalk. Not far from where I recently imagined A Monster in the Manhole. Walks in this town sure are adventurous.

When I returned home, Jack was ready to play. He never gave up on me. He never shied away.

Later yesterday, My wife and I visited the garden shop and picked out this beautiful new flowering tree in a pot.

Overall, I’d say, Yesterday was a pretty darn good day.

Be well,



  1. Hey Monty, Glad to hear you’re feeling less “slumpy.” The flowering tree is beautiful! That would lift my spirits for sure.

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      Thanks Michelle!

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  2. Kathleen says:

    One less stumpy moment ata time…

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