March Hits & Misses (a recap)

Well March is in the books and it was a bit of a slump vs. previous months in terms of my blog readership. I’m not sure if January and February were unusually good, or if March was unusually poor, but for March I was down in views by more than half vs. February.

Here is a recap of the top three posts and the worst performer (based on number of views) for March.

No. 1: Monty’s Never Have I Ever (2-part series)

The Stats: 35 views for top post (70+ views for all posts in the series)

The Gist: This was my first foray into running a blog quiz and as the name says it was based on the ‘never have I ever game’. In reality it was just an excuse for me to give away one of my books (and clock in a sale), but what’s wrong with that?

The Take-away: This was fun! Some of the responses from the participating players really made me laugh. AND you got to learn a whole lot more about the weird things I’ve done in my life all for a dollar. If you missed it, it’s worth a read.

No. 2: The Silver Lining (2-part series)

The Stats: 19 views for top post (28 views for all posts in the series)

The Gist: I introduced a new poem format and invited others to give it a try (and tried myself).

The Take-away: I really like the idea behind this forum. It was a bit disappointing to not have any takers to join in, but the silver lining poem I wrote was really powerful to me and I’m going to keep this form in my repertoire moving forward.

No. 3: #AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal

The Stats: 21 views

The Gist: This post introduced the theme for April’s #AtoZChallenge which is “Seriously Silly Poetry”.

The Take-Away: This is my first year taking part of this challenge and I’m really excited by the theme. I’m hoping that the challenge aspect may bring in some new readers (and introduce me to some new cool blogs). The first post is now up here!

The Flop: The Long March Ends

The Stats: 5 views (and I think one of them might have been mine)

The Gist: A brilliant title (apparently wasted).

The Take-away: Ouch. I really thought this title had a hook. Oh well.

Be well,


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