The Crescent Moon’s Gentle Bend (Nonet)

Since it’s poetry month, I thought I would try out some new forms and I bumped into a great blog post from A Different Perspective listing out 13 poetic form prompts. A big thanks to them for the inspiration

Prompt 10

Write an Nonet poem or

Write a poem using the words “joint” and “bent”

A Different Perspective by muisopsis

Here are the guidelines for a Nonet:

– Made up of nine lines in total
– The syllable count per line descends:
First line: 9 syllables
Second line: 8 syllables
Third line: 7 syllables
Ninth line: 1 syllable

That’s it. Pretty straightforward. Let’s give it a go.

(I ended up including the optional word “bent” in the poem but passed on the “joint” — so to speak).

The Crescent Moon’s Gentle Bend

The sky darkens as the day’s warmth wanes
The moon’s blue light flickers awake
And earth begins to shiver
Tall trees curving over
In the evening wind
Mimicking the
Crescent moon’s

I love the physical shape this poetic form takes. I tried to get each line to physically be shorter then the other but line seven is a touch too long. Oh well. This does make me think I might want to explore concrete poetry forms sometime in the future though.

What do you think? Wanna give the Nonet form a try?

Be well,



  1. murisopsis says:

    Your nonet is lovely – I love your description of the trees bending and mirroring the moon… Shape poems are fun but the concrete poem is even more so! (except it is hard to do on WP) I usually write it out and then post a photo of the poem. I haven’t done one in a while… maybe its time!

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      I do a lot of illustrated poetry — some end up being concrete poems embedded in the graphics, but I don’t necessarily set out to do it.

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      1. serendippitysays says:

        Well done! I think it fits Muri’s prompt to write a poem about change, too–we go from waterfall to pool to stream. I like that the poem doesn’t just take shape but also rhymes.

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      2. Monty Vern says:

        Thanks so much!


  2. serendippitysays says:

    Obviously my comment was about your concrete poem and not the nonet. 🙂 I linked through from the nonet.

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