Ovi: A Poem Named Ovi

This poem is a part of the poetic ‘scavenger hunt’ designed by @murisopsis from A Different Perspective. This time the theme is Names, as in poetic forms that feature a name (e.g. one of the prompts is to write a poem in the form of “Amandas Pinch” — a form I’ve personally never heard of before). There are thirteen prompts in total so this is more manageable then a daily commitment challenge. Check out all the prompts and the way it works here and join in if your up for some poetic puzzling. Enjoy!

Prompt 3

Write an Ovi poem or write a bibliographic profile acrostic using song titles from Cuban singer Ovi.

A Different Perspective

The Ovi is a traditional Indian poetic form made up of any number of four line stanzas, syllabic, 8-8-8-(less than 8), and rhymed aaax, bbbx, etc. Full rules here.

A Poem Named Ovi

Today’s poem is an Ovi
Often in songs from Maranthi
Its basic form’s short and breezy
Ending just after starting.

But if you want to continue
You can write until you’ve turned blue
And have nothing to say that’s new
In stanzas four lines long.

The rhyming scheme is quite simple
As you see in this example
Have a try, I’m sure your able
To rhyme in threes like this.

Eight syllables per line’s the rule
It keeps the pacing quick and cool
But watch-out for being the fool
For the last line’s a detour.

Well there you have it. Another first for me..the Ovi. Have you ever written an Ovi? If not, why not give it a try?

Be well,



  1. Kathleen says:


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  2. murisopsis says:

    Ha! An excellent primer on writing an Ovi!!

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