Sunday Morning Rubs

Jack brought his blanket over to hang out with me this morning. He asked and received his Sunday morning rubs. It’s nice to feel useful. To feel as if I can make a small difference. He’s good that way. It’s as if he came into my life to remind me about appreciation.

Appreciation relies upon a bit of irony. We seem to feel it most when we’re experiencing hard times and just a touch of light shines through. Too much light and it fades into the background and starts to get lost. It’s strongest as a thin silver lining. And the universe usually complies…providing us plenty of darkness for contrast. It all seems to work out.

Be well,



  1. murisopsis says:

    Jack is cute and dogs tend to bring out the best in people!

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  2. He’s cute yet looks suspicious. He might become a professional model if he overcomes the doubt and boosts his self-confidence.

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