Nonce Poetry: Inside Out

In celebration of National Poetry Month @murisopsis from A Different Perspective is once again hosting a poetic scavenger hunt. This year’s theme is “nonce” form poetry. What is nonce form poetry? Well, it’s basically a form that was created by a poet for their own use. What’s interesting about a nonce form is that if it is adopted by other poets and used more often it will no longer be considered a nonce form, but rather become recognized as a “valid” poetical form.

The scavenger hunt features thirteen nonce form challenges all to be completed within the month of April. I highly encourage you to check out the prompts and participate here.

Ok, now onto the fourth challenge…Inside Out

Inside Out

A syllabic poem consisting of a minimum of three quatrains with the first stanza having a syllabic count of 12/8/8/12, the second having 8/12/12/8, followed by 12/8/8/12, and so on. No rhyme scheme required.

Bonus: use the theme of growth


The Growth

It first appeared quite discretely about year thirteen
Overnight so magically;
I wondered what the thing could be;
Was this another random act of puberty?

Although at first it went unseen,
It started to grow into something too obscene
And the other kids began to tease me, so mean;
Time for medical inquiry

Doctor, doctor what ever could this strange thing be?
It’s weird and growing out of me;
Doctor, doctor will you help me?
“You’ve been kissing frogs he joked” insensitively.

Then began a long, long journey
To remove that ugly thing from me entirely;
From acid baths to freezing sprays and laser rays,
None of them worked permanently.

After years of pain and shame and indignity,
It disappeared quite suddenly;
Overnight I was finally free,
Of the wart on my thumb that had so haunted me.

I really wish that wasn’t based on a true story, but now I guess at least the traumatic experience resulted in a laugh and some lighthearted poetry. The form worked well. I played with some loose rhyme which added some levity. What do you think?

Be well,



  1. murisopsis says:

    I think you owned the form! I love your inside out and the theme had me guessing (up to the kissing frog part). I was thinking the wart was on your face – thank goodness it was only the thumb!! My sister had a wart on her index finger that rubbed when she held a pencil – she finally developed lovely handwriting after it was permanently removed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Monty Vern says:

      For me it was mostly just embarrassment but it certainly interfered the rare times I went bowling. It was a stubborn bugger!


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