H is for Horror

Horror is a fictional genre that evokes strong feelings of shock, terror, revulsion, fear or outrage.


If you were to ask me if I’m a fan of horror, my first reaction would be to say no. Horror scares me. It horrifies me, if you will. But it is exciting in a way and while I’ll pass on this genre in film, I’m willing to explore it more in reading and writing. The first horror novel that I read was Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery and it totally freaked me out. It didn’t help that I lived on a dead-end dirt road called Cemetery Road at the time. But it was a thrilling read to and it wasn’t long before I read another King novel re-seeking that excitement. That was back in about sixth grade, I’d guess.

The below series, I’ve posted before. I created it for the first #vssmurder prompts back during the Halloween season of 2020. I had a little too much fun with it.

What do you think? Are these horror, horrible, or a mixture of the two?

“H” in Zapfino Typeface
Zapfino “H” Found Pattern

Be well,


  1. timsbrannan says:

    Horror is one of my favorite genres and the one I spend the most time writing in. Though I find horror is a matter of personal taste/choice. What one person finds horrific others may not.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side, The A to Z of Doctor Who

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      I guess it’s the same with humor which was other H option I had. But I thought it would be too much pressure to try and meet a humorous expectation.


  2. murisopsis says:

    What some would call horror – having rats dumped over me or having to dissect an animal – doesn’t phase me. But the idea of unseen danger and violence unnerves me completely! I avoid horror movies in totality, Same for books…. I guess I’m a scaredy cat at heart!

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      I don’t enjoy being scared and watching horror scares me…reading sometimes too…but writing was ok — I guess because I was in control.


  3. I am unfortunately completely not a horror person lol
    Although I have been meaning to start reading some horror!

    Stopping by from A-Z,


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    1. Monty Vern says:

      Totally understand

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  4. I don’t mind some horror. But to much Gore is ridiculous.

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