2023 NaPoWriMo #18 (Abecedarian)

April is here again and that means its National Poetry Writing Month and for my second year I’ll be joining the 30 poems in 30 days challenge hosted by napowrimo.net. For this challenge, a poetry prompt will be provided daily during the month of April and if I can keep on track I’ll achieve the 30 poems in 30 days goal. So enough chatter…let’s go! It’s time for NaPoWriMo!

Write an abecedarian.


By coincidence I have a poem in my drafts folder called “XXX (an abecedarian poem)” – and that’s all there is. I guess I felt that such an alphabetical project was beyond me at the time. Well, now IS the time.

An AiBaChi-Darian

Ai (爱)is for love and my daughter’s first name;
Ba (爸) is for father which I love to be called;
Chi (吃)is to eat anything at all;
Di (弟)is for younger brother which I am;
E (饿)is for hunger and a good time to chi(吃);
Fan (饭)is a meal, prepared just in time;
Ge (哥)is an older brother of which I have one;
Ha (哈)is part of a laugh;
I is spelled “wo” (我)and that’s me;
Jia (家) is house and home and my favorite place to be;
Kai (开) is to open — a door to one’s heart;
Lai (来)means to come – come be with me;
Men (门)is the door I’ve opened for you;
Ni (你)is for you as in “wo ai ni” (我爱你);
Oh (哦) is an expression of surprise just like 😯;
Pa (怕)is fear — no need for that;
Qi (七) is seven — coming after liu (六) and before ba (八);
Re (热) is hot as in Shanghai’s summer weather;
Shang(上)means above as in Shanghai (上海)“above the sea”;
Tian (天) is a day and also the sky;
U never shows up in the beginning without a Y first;
V is also a humble sound, never alone to be found;
Wo (我)is for I, which we covered once before;
Xiu (秀)is the “beauty” in my wife’s name;
Yi (一)is one and I love its simplicity;
Zhong (中) is for middle or China Zhongguo (中国).

No we’ve gone from A to Z, all in Chinese. Perhaps you’ve learned some new vocabulary by coming along with me.

I was intrigued about the idea of how this form would work in a language other than English and decided to play with that a little bit. Hope you found it interesting.

Be well,



  1. I do like this, Monty! When I have draft poems that I’m not sure what I want to title, I use the abbreviation “pip” for poem-in-progress. So I might have a file called “abecedarian pip.”

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      I like that…pip. I might borrow that.


      1. Feel free to borrow. No copyright or trademark!

        Liked by 1 person

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