X is for eXpletive

Expletive is a grammatical construction that starts with words like it, here, and there. It does not contribute to the meaning of a sentence but serves to create emphasis.


Ok, this is NOT the expletive that I was thinking when I first selected it. Frankly it doesn’t seem like it will be as much fun either, but let’s give it a chance.

Here is the truth. The honest to god truth. I did not, could not kill the cat in the hat. Frankly he was much too fast and I much too fat.

The Dog

“X” in Zapfino Typeface
Zapfino “X” Found Pattern

Be well,


  1. I also never knew this alternate meaning of the word expletive. Interesting!

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  2. murisopsis says:

    Ah ha! A new way to look at expletives – now I’m going to go and think on this new input….


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