The Day After Yesterday

The Day After Yesterday

The morning is cool.
The air is a fresh floral green.
The light is bright beyond the shade tree’s shadow.

My mind is knotted.
My thoughts a dark murky grey.
My outlook is cloudy despite my morning coffee’s encouragement.

I forgot to take my meds yesterday. I realized this in the middle of the night when my sleep was bombarded with strange thoughts and frequent waking. I was further reminded when I woke up to a head that felt like it was being cinched tightly by a giant’s oversized tool.

I’m slowly coming out of it. I’ve taken my meds. I’ve had a small breakfast and my first cup of coffee for the day. I’m sitting in the garden and it’s a beautiful morning.

I spent the weekend sleeping on a sofa chair at the hospital and that got me out of my normal routine. I think that is why I forgot my meds. Mrs. Monty finally had the metal brackets and screws removed from her ankle after a full year of recovery. They showed us the bag of metal fittings after they removed them and I was shocked by their size and quantity. There was enough hardware there to put together a piece of furniture from IKEA. I’m glad its out now and she has a chance to walk more comfortably again once she recovers.

As she came out of surgery and was hooked up to the monitors it brought me back to a few months ago when mama (my mother in law) was passing. At that time we were watching the vital signals slowly descend. This time I watched as the signals ascended back to normal. Another reminder to embrace the miracle of life while we are here. A blessing of awareness and appreciation.

At the hospital we had a room in the maternity ward due to lack of space in the ‘regular ward’. We were surrounded by the sounds of lives beginning — and their complaints about the state of the human condition. It’s been over twenty-one years since my last child was born. He also arrived with complaints. Somethings stay the same. But these complaints were another reminder of life’s miracle. Another blessing.

So while my mind may be “knotted” and in a bit of fog, I’m grateful for this day. I’m grateful for the miracle of life. I’m grateful for each blessing that reminds me to be so.

Be well,



  1. Gratitude is a welcome state of mind Monty

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  2. Glad to hear of this next step in your wife’s recovery monty. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for every day.

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  3. murisopsis says:

    Monty I’m so glad that your wife is free of the hardware! I hope her recovery is swift! I know how hard it is when routine is disrupted. How fortunate that you and your wife could find a spot in the maternity ward! That sounds much more pleasant than in the oncology or ICU!!!

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      Thanks so much! She is doing very well with recovery so far. I’m very hopeful for her!


  4. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our wife’s accident. Truly there’s so much to be grateful for, including that someone thought of using screws for situations like hers, and the miracle of the body’s power to heal.

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      Absolutely grateful! And yes, the year has been long but at the same time flew by!


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