Monty’s Blahg

Under the Earth’s Shadow

I lay awake under the earth’s shadowGentle breathing curled at my feetA companion in this darknessHolding guard against The cold reality and coming lightFor I’m not ready to end this nightI’m not ready for the light. Be well, Monty

Endure Me

Endure meEndure my cold feet under the sheetsEndure my rough breaths sawing through the night’s airMy tossing and turningMy hogging all the blanketsMy nightmare kicksMy morning breath-tinged kissesMy raspy “good morning”My too-tight embraceMy loveYes, my loveAnd I’ll endure your’s too. Be well, Monty


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About Monty

Hi, Monty Vern here. I’m a work-in-progress personal blogger, author/ illustrator, and fallible human being. This is the new home for Monty’s Blahg. A place for musings both written and drawn. More

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