Quarantine Blooms (2022 NaPoWriMo #09)

May might be here but I’m still working through the NaPoWriMo – 30 Poems in 30 Days prompts since I discovered them late.

Prompt 09

Write a poem in the form of a nonet.


Ah, the nonet is back! I recently learned this form from the poetry scavenger hunt hosted by A Different Perspective. Check here for the form rules and my first attempt at the form: The Crescent Moon’s Gentle Bend.

I decided to play with the form a little and add a second ‘reverse nonet’ stanza and included some of the “real time” views that I have while writing. I hope you enjoy.

Quarantine Blooms

Flowers blooming inside locked gates
Alive in red, yellow, and pinks
Against a backdrop of green
Imprisoned by beauty
Rooted together
In the rich soil’s
Grip beneath
The blue

Birds call
From the lines
Asking why we
Don’t fly over the
Padlocked gate’s rusty spires
Urging us ‘let go your fears’
‘Spread your wings and join us above’
‘The garden looks beautiful from here

Be well,


“fish prints”

Be well,


Word Garden

My community in Shanghai is currently locked down due to Covid restrictions for two weeks. What a blessing to have such a wonderful garden to be “locked-into” to do my writing.

Word Garden

Bamboo bends, sweeping down, lifting my spirits;

Dropped leaves floating in small green puddles of reflection;

Flower-full trees rustle in the breeze, sharing of themselves


A butterfly flutters,


The dog chases it,


All, my muses, I write.

Be well,


Puddle of Pink

A poem

Puddle of Pink

Drips and blobs of heavy drops

Descending at terminal speed

Not the slightest wind of persuasion

To delay or divert their decent.

Plopping masses pounding

The delicate pink petals

Until so laden they drop

To a puddle of pink.

Be well,


Thoughts of Love and Life on a Spring Day

Today I live by both chance and choice, by nature and nurture. The balance has shifted these years. Much more choice. Much more nurture.

Today I embrace life more tightly as I feel its fragility. A love lost her love. I feel anxious not to lose. Not to be lost.

Carl Sandburg has a poem titled “Love Is a Deep and a Dark and A Lonely”. What a deep, and dark, and lonely thought.

I think, I’m wrong to talk about “a love being lost”. This is not quite right. It’s not love that was lost, but life. The love lives on. Deeply, darkly, lonelily.

And I guess it’s not life that I fear losing. It’s the living, and loving, after a life’s moved on.

Yet, life will move on in some order of its own making. More nature than nurture. More chance then choice.

These are the thoughts that come to my mind on this beautiful spring day.

Be well,


Daily Droppings: “In the Closet”

Special thanks to Sandra from What Sandra Thinks who created a series of daily prompts for the month of February, which are the source of inspiration for this series.

The prompt: “In the Closet”

“In the Closet”

Be well,


A Photo of a Photo

20th post for #bloganuary (a WordPress event)

The Prompt: What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

Um, “ever”??? Let’s get reasonable. How about my favorite photo that I have on my phone’s camera roll? I mean it’s not reasonable to expect me to remember all the photos from my very first manual camera till now. That would be over four decades. But, if I’m honest, most of those photos will have my thumb in the corner so probably not legitimate candidates. So let’s see, I’ll be back after doing some browsing and trying to remember which photos I personally took.

Ah, that was quick, actually. Here is a digital photo of a physical photo that I took back in Nagoya, Japan in 1995 of the girl I had fallen for the moment I met her. When I look at this photo I feel the excited energy of falling in love all over again. Ah, to be 22 again.

Four months after this photo was taken we were married and we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last year.

“Intoxicated” – originally published in Monty’s Very Short Shorts

Be well,


Winter Bloom

It’s six degrees Celsius outside, but there is no winter hibernation for this rose blossom. What a beauty.

7am Sunday, July 9 2022 (Shanghai)
Winter Bloom (Monty Vern)
Red, Blue, Yellow Blooms (Monty Vern)
Winter Bloom Too (Monty Vern)

Good morning to us all!

Be well,