Sketchy Attempt (Updated)

I’m trying to learn how to sketch. It’s very much outside my wheelhouse. Still so much to learn.

Day 10: Mug

Day 9 PM: Female subject.

Day 9 AM: A new subject. I wanted to work on capturing reflection.

Stone 6th Anniversary Porter

Day 8: A more refined version of Captain Jack.

Day 7: A new Subject.

Captain Jack

Day 6: Changing things up today and I tried “blind sketching” where I did not look at the paper (or more accurately my tablet surface while drawing. The result:

“Blind Self-Portrait”

Day 5 Update: Further refinement of Day 4’s sketch.

Day 3 pm and Day 4 Update: Trying to get a better likeness, but seeming to look more and more like a police sketch. Haha.

Day 3 Update: In this one I referenced a photo for proportions. I focused more on getting the shading right around the eyes to capture the brow structure.

Day 2 PM Update: In sketches #3 and #4 I worked on getting the facial feature’s more appropriately located (i.e. eyes centered).

Day 2 AM Update:

(Bad) Monty’s Human Portraits

Original Drawing (Day 1):

Monty’s Human and Me

Be well,