Under the Solstice Sun

30th post for #bloganuary (a WordPress event)

The Prompt: Describe yourself as a tree.

Under the Solstice Sun

Stripped naked;

Discarded garments scattered under soiled feet;

Exposed limbs reaching high in defiance;

Cursing the winter solstice sun;

Drawing upon my last reserves

To defy death once more;

Another circle of life added to my core.

Under the Solstice Sun was originally published in Gnashing Teeth’s 2021 Winter Zine.

Be well,


Still Standing

Still Standing

Standing wizened and bowed;

Knotted with weary worries and gnarled guilts;

Aged by oaken regrets and willowy dreams, broken;

Twisted by time passing in ever shrinking rings,

Of passing draughts interspersed with hopes, lost;

Deeply bowed, yet standing;

Still standing, still.

Knees stiffly bend,

With creaks and popping cracks;

The ground rises, catching him gracefully by the seat;

Settling down, tired boughs finally at rest;

Eyes dripping closed,

Whipping winds of worries calm;

Gusts of guilt and shame slow and quiet;

Willowy dreams wisp away;

Oaken scars fade;

Time pauses, still.

Another rung drawn, he rises,

He stands, again.

Today’s poem, Still Standing, was inspired by my morning meditation.

Be well,