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Hi, Monty Vern here. I’m a work-in-progress personal blogger, author/ illustrator, and fallible human being. This is the new home for Monty’s Blahg. A place for musings both written and drawn.

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  • Floral Patterns
    Yesterday I shared some pictures from my garden. Today I generated some patterns from the images. I’ll share both the original image and then the patterns I created so you can get a sense of the effect. Be well, Monty
  • A Flowery Response
    I’ve been busy of late. Plugging away in preparation for April’s upcoming A to Z Challenge. I’m actually quite pleased with my progress and feel I’ve set myself up for success to finish the 26 posts on time. But I’m in need of a break and was happy to see a new post from RoryContinue reading “A Flowery Response”
  • #AtoZ in 2023 Theme Reveal
    Well it’s coming on April and that means its time to prepare for another #AtoZChallenge. Last year was my first year participating and my theme was “seriously silly poetry from A to Z”. It was a ton of work, but also a lot of fun and even led me to publishing a book! As aContinue reading “#AtoZ in 2023 Theme Reveal”
  • Sunday Morn’
    I was the first to awake today. Even Jack was still nestled into his bedding, nose to tail. He stretched long as he rose , then quick pranced over to greet me as if trying to keep his paws from the chill of the cold tiles. I could hear the tap of his nails dancingContinue reading “Sunday Morn’”
  • April On My Mind
    April is coming which means there are almost too many choices for artistic expression. April is (inter)National Poetry Month and for the past few years, since I’ve started writing, I’ve participated in one if not more challenges for #NaPoWriMo (including @murisopsis’ wonderful poetry scavenger hunt). April also features the #AtoZ blogging challenge. Last year IContinue reading “April On My Mind”
  • She’s at Peace
    I don’t have a poem or vignette to mark her passing. At least not right now. She was ill for quite some time so her passing brought relief — for us as well. That doesn’t soften the heartbreak though. Be at peace, mama, we love you. Be well, Monty
  • Geometry at Play
    Be well, Monty
  • Salutation
    Be well, Monty
  • Contemplation
    Be well, Monty
  • Eden’s Dance
    Be well, Monty
  • We Bowed Before Him
    The ten monks chanted. They chanted a well worn script of prayer. Together, but not quite in unison. Resonating with the constant beat of the wooden percussion. Turning the page on life. We bowed before Him. Palms up. Baba looked over his alter with a smile rarely captured by the camera. Handsome and proud. HisContinue reading “We Bowed Before Him”
  • Tea Time Rose
    Be well, Monty
  • Sunday Morning Rubs
    Jack brought his blanket over to hang out with me this morning. He asked and received his Sunday morning rubs. It’s nice to feel useful. To feel as if I can make a small difference. He’s good that way. It’s as if he came into my life to remind me about appreciation. Appreciation relies uponContinue reading “Sunday Morning Rubs”
  • Playing with Color
    Be well, Monty
  • Diary of a Day
    Brother borrowed the car yesterday and reversed into a semi-truck. The amount of damage was less than one would expect when considering the foe, but our car clearly lost the bought. So this morning we took the car to the shop. We got lost along the way. The GPS was uncooperative and kept telling usContinue reading “Diary of a Day”
  • I Went Out to Hear Silence
    “I Went Out to Hear” – writing prompt from James Crews’ “Weekly Pause” – I went out to hear SilenceBut her voice shattered Slicing through my tendonsDigging into my fatty tissueCracking open my rack of ribsPiercing my numb heartAnd spilling cold blood blue. I went out to hear SilenceBut she was broken by my criesByContinue reading “I Went Out to Hear Silence”
  • Assembly Line
    Be well, Monty
  • A Bold Pallet
    Be well, Monty
  • It’s All Alright
    If you noticed, I’ve been trying to get back into a bit of a writing groove this week. I don’t always have something to say, but I always feel better after I’ve said it. Writing for me is often a process of discovery. Similar to my approach to visual arts. I need some type ofContinue reading “It’s All Alright”
  • Peeking Around the Corner
    Be well, Monty
  • Forest Night Sky
    Be well, Monty
  • Winter in My Bones
    Shanghai FEELS cold during these wet winter days. Much colder than the thermometer declares. It’s as if winter here is an inside-out affair. Starting in my bones, spreading icily throughout my body before creeping into the surrounding air. Makes me wonder if I am Old Man Winter. The chill maker himself. Growing up in Vermont,Continue reading “Winter in My Bones”
  • These Days
    These days are muddy. I put one foot slowly in front of the other. I only know that I’ve moved forward by looking backward at the tracks I’ve somehow left behind. Behind me I also see the tracks of others that have stopped somewhere along the way. Some tracks faded with age and distance. SomeContinue reading “These Days”
  • Portrait on Wall
    Be well, Monty
  • Six Folds
    Six Folds I fold ingots out of silver coated paper;A delicate duty for my clumsy fingers;The thin papers too easy to tear;The silver coating too willing to shed it’s mooring;Not unlike his soul. Too willing to go. Too willing. It takes six folds to form each ingot;Six gentle creases to craft silver from paper;Six foldsContinue reading “Six Folds”

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