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Hi, Monty Vern here. I’m a work-in-progress personal blogger, author/ illustrator, and fallible human being. This is the new home for Monty’s Blahg. A place for musings both written and drawn.

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  • 3am
    I’ve been waking up at about 3am the past week or so. I’m fully awake and there is no question that my sleep for the night is done. So I get up. And I start working. I’ve been a machine. Efficiently producing way more than I should ever let my boss know I’m capable of.Continue reading “3am”
  • Horizon
    Be well, Monty
  • Wound Up
    Wound Up Amorphous thoughts twirling and whirling; rushing through widening gaps in my failing damn mind! Splashing forcefully against blade; Spinning my wheels and gears faster and faster til my brain releases from it’s stem and drops to the ground with a crushing force; splitting open; releasing sticky-sweet juices; enticing busy bees to sip uponContinue reading “Wound Up”
  • Playful
    Be well, Monty
  • Dragon in Flight
    Be well, Monty
  • All of Me
    All of Me The beauty in God, as I am coming to understand Him, is that He is all knowing. That I don’t need to conceal my sins. I don’t need to hide. His light shines on me – the best and worst of me. All of me. Without secrets, there is no need forContinue reading “All of Me”
  • Morning Concert
    It’s drizzling around me. I first noticed the patter upon the umbrella above. A little too heavy to be the mosquitos dancing. A little too random to be the ants marching. It’s raining now. A polka-dot percussion accompanying the birdsong. Not quite in concert. A dress rehearsal. The musical of moisture is over now. OrContinue reading “Morning Concert”
  • The Day After Yesterday
    The Day After Yesterday The morning is cool. The air is a fresh floral green.The light is bright beyond the shade tree’s shadow. My mind is knotted.My thoughts a dark murky grey.My outlook is cloudy despite my morning coffee’s encouragement. I forgot to take my meds yesterday. I realized this in the middle of theContinue reading “The Day After Yesterday”
  • Another Floral Pattern
    Be well, Monty
  • Weave Too
    Be well, Monty
  • Weave
    Be well, Monty
  • Painted Flowers
    Painted Flowers I bought these flowers for my wife yesterday. An early nod to Mother’s Day. Since we are having guests over at the house today, I thought she would appreciate having the flowers earlier to display. They looked amazing online. They looked even more amazing when they arrived. Then I noticed the blue onContinue reading “Painted Flowers”
  • On Exhibit
    Be well, Monty
  • A Little More Than a Drizzle
    The birds are insistent today. I don’t speak their language, but I get their point. It’s a brand new day and the wonder of that is enough to get excited about. The sky is falling in droplets. A little more than a drizzle. Not quite a glaze. Sweet none-the-less. There is a chill in theContinue reading “A Little More Than a Drizzle”
  • The Human
    The Human I saw the figure as I turned the corner —Cold, calloused, and oddly angled; Creepy. Nightmarish. A Human. It smelt something awful. Must be all that dank gas emitting from their porous skin.I’m told they can’t even see their stink, the odor is beyond the their optical range. Perhaps a result of evolutionContinue reading “The Human”
  • Strangers
    Be well, Monty
  • Another Garden Dawdler
    It’s time for Rory’s Garden Dawdler again — nine questions posed once a week for our answering pleasure. Back in my garden and impressed with myself on capturing the light through the petals in this image against the bright blue sky. THE GARDEN DAWDLER — Q&A You have awaken to a new day after aContinue reading “Another Garden Dawdler”
  • Figures
    Be well, Monty
  • Willing and Able
    Willing and AbleHe is willing, am I?Am I willing to let go, let God?To plant my seeds of doubtAnd trust faith will flourish? He is able, Am I?Am I able to pray boldly?To ask for belief in the unbelievableAnd allow for a miracle? Yes! Yes! Yes! Be well, Monty
  • An Exercise III
    Be well, Monty
  • An Exercise II
    Be well, Monty
  • Under the Pi Pa Tree
    I’m sitting under the pi pa tree observing hundreds of yet to ripen fruits. I wonder what pi pa jam tastes like? It was just this season that I learned what this fruit tree was called. Pi pa or “loquat”. I’m guessing it’s in the kumquat family, but to be sure it would require moreContinue reading “Under the Pi Pa Tree”
  • An Exercise
    Be well, Monty
  • Morning Ride
    Morning Ride Her arms wrapped around me,Wanting more, I sped up;She held on tighter;I smiled into the rushing wind,Wishing I could go faster. Mrs. Monty and I decided to try the neighborhood restaurant that only recently started to serve brunch. We’d heard positive reviews. The selection was very limited and the meals were average atContinue reading “Morning Ride”
  • An Old Sketch
    An Old Sketch What’s this?A tree yet to be.Or, If roasted,A fragrant snack. Be well, Monty

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