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Hi, Monty Vern here. I’m a work-in-progress personal blogger, author/ illustrator, and fallible human being. This is the new home for Monty’s Blahg. A place for musings both written and drawn.

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  • Under the Earth’s Shadow
    I lay awake under the earth’s shadowGentle breathing curled at my feetA companion in this darknessHolding guard against The cold reality and coming lightFor I’m not ready to end this nightI’m not ready for the light. Be well, Monty
  • Blue Heron
    Be well, Monty
  • Endure Me
    Endure meEndure my cold feet under the sheetsEndure my rough breaths sawing through the night’s airMy tossing and turningMy hogging all the blanketsMy nightmare kicksMy morning breath-tinged kissesMy raspy “good morning”My too-tight embraceMy loveYes, my loveAnd I’ll endure your’s too. Be well, Monty
  • Departing
    Be well, Monty
  • Scenes from Today
    These are untouched photographs from today’s walk on Bainbridge Island, Washington (just applied a simple frame). Be well, Monty
  • Perched in the Moonlight
    Be well, Monty
  • Playing with Time
    Be well, Monty
  • How Did I Get to This Beautiful Place?
    Be well, Monty
  • Birds in Flight
    Be well, Monty
  • Rising Sun
    Be well, Monty
  • Forest Moon
    Be well, Monty
  • Blessed
    Be well, Monty
  • Snowy Scene
    Happy snow day! Be well, Monty
  • Peek-a-Boo
    Poking my head up after a spontaneous hiatus. I hope you are all well – happy and healthy. I’m on holiday visiting my mom in the Pacific NW and captured this shot of the gorgeous sunrise over Puget Sound. It sparked the artist in me and I used elements from this photo in the followingContinue reading “Peek-a-Boo”
  • A Return to Patterns
    Be well, Monty
  • Quiet
    He’s been quiet lately. The voice in my head. The voice that is, quite frankly, a bit nuts. Often compelling me toward darkness. Vacillating between escape strategies – sometimes into deep sadness. Other times into manic self-sabotaging fantasies. And, more often than not, he’s also been my muse. He’s been quite lately. And so haveContinue reading “Quiet”
  • Today
    Today’s a gorgeous weather day. Cool with a light breeze. Bright and sunny aside from my spot in the shade of the tree above me. At this point in the afternoon the sun has already made good progress toward the horizon, but there is still enough light and warmth to sit outside comfortably. I canContinue reading “Today”
  • Shine On
    Shine on, shine on, shine on meShine your light on meLight me up, cast away my doubtsLift me out of these shadowsI’m ready, I’m ready, please shine your light on me. Be well, Monty
  • Here I Go Again
    Here I go again. Interrupting this negative space with some generic typeface. No particular intentions. Just wanna release built-up tensions. It’s coming out in drips and drabs. The faulting pace of a distracted hare destined to lose the race. That’s ok. I’ve no place I need to go. Nowhere I have to be. Let theContinue reading “Here I Go Again”
  • A Test of the Heart
    I’m wearing a Holter heart monitor today and I can’t help but wonder if it can see past the irregular beats and witness how wholly broken I am. My arteries, hardened by callousness, carry blood but little warmth. For to feel warmth I must allow myself to feel. To expose myself to shame with onlyContinue reading “A Test of the Heart”
  • An Observation and a Query
    A fly walks by. S t r e t c h i n g Its legs, I guess? Be well, Monty
  • A Gentle Drizzle Sets the Scene
    A gentle drizzle sets the scene;The last of the season’s persimmons hang-on,Half-concealed behind leaves shimmering underA quiet concert of pitter-patter percussion. In quick succession a jack-hammer jacks,A jet’s engine whines, And wheels whirl along the moist road beyond the wallAdding their own interpretation to the unwritten music. This must be the chorus as there theyContinue reading “A Gentle Drizzle Sets the Scene”
  • The Birds
    The birds are watching me from the wire above. What are they thinking? Do they see my sadness?Or are they too busy balancing in the breeze? The birds have moved on. Perhaps to a more sturdy perch.Or maybe just down the wire for a better outlook —Bored by my melancholy. Do the birds even careContinue reading “The Birds”
  • Mired in Mud
    Mired in mud.I don’t like this feeling, but I appreciate the alliteration. Mired in mud, mud, mud.Stuck in repetition. Mired,So tired — In mudOf sins gone stale, MudStuck thickly to my solesMudPrints circling from my heals to my toesAs I spiral slowly inward into myself till I reach my limit.So tired.MiredIn Mud. Be well, Monty
  • Let Me Be (Note to Self)
    Let me be angry. Without good reason.Let me be lonelyEven if not alone.Let me be sadJust because I am.Please, Let me be. Be well, Monty

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