The Night Cricket

‘the night cricket’s humble prayer‘

“Doesn’t Every Poet Write a Poem About Unrequited Love” by Mary Oliver

What is the night cricket praying so incessantly for?
Persistence is a virtue they say, but I sometimes have my doubts. How can she hear God’s answer if there is not a moment of peace and quite?

My son called last night. Asking for money again. Has he taken a lesson from the night cricket? Is this his way of praying? If so, his prayers seem to get answered in the end. Persistence, I guess, at work?

I much prefer the silent prayer. It provides a comforting symmetry with the silent answer. And a more restful sleep.

Be well,



  1. I am very persistent when it comes to the things I attempt (not directly dependent on others). When it comes to involving other people – once and then, I am done.

    That kind of persistence you mention kind of annoys me because they don’t say the squeaky wheel gets the grease for nothing. People whine and complain and nag and get what they ask for, but those who are silently persistent get nothing. It’s unfair. The wrong people are rewarded, I feel.

    Comparing asking someone for something to prayer was amusing and very on point.

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    1. Monty Vern says:

      You nailed it. It is annoying and very frustrating that annoyance is a successful tactic that drowns out quite, solid work.

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