V is for Vignette

A vignette is a small impressionistic scene, an illustration, a descriptive passage, a short essay that is neither a plot nor a full narrative description, but a carefully crafted verbal sketch.


I used to describe my short stories/essays/poetic prose as vignettes. Based on the definition above I would say they sometimes met the criteria while other times not really. Here is one that I think does that I originally posted last October.

A gentle drizzle sets the scene

A gentle drizzle sets the scene;
The last of the season’s persimmons hang-on,
Half-concealed behind leaves shimmering under
A quiet concert of pitter-patter percussion.

In quick succession a jack-hammer jacks,
A jet’s engine whines,
And wheels whirl along the moist road beyond the wall
Adding their own interpretation to the unwritten music.

This must be the chorus as there they go again
The jack, the whine, and the whirl
Until a tightly cadenced thwack-thwack-thwack
Interrupts as a train speeds by.

A tiny red spider crawls across my keyboard.
My fingers dance around it as I tap-tap-tap
My own contribution to the score,
Until again the jack, whine, and whirl take over.

Pitter-patter jack whine and whirl, tap-tap-tap.
Pitter-patter jack whine and whirl, tappity-tap-tap.
An unexpectedly perfect lullaby as I settle down to nap.

“V” in Zapfino Typeface
Zapfino “V” Found Pattern

Be well,

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