My First A to Z Challenge Anniversary: C is for ‘Chat-a-Grump’

On this anniversary of my first A to Z challenge, I’m posting each of the illustrated “seriously silly poems” from my book Apples Eating Zebras and other seriously silly poetry — a carefully edited and polished compilation of my A to Z posts from last year. Enjoy!

C is for ‘Chat-a-Grump’

Stay tuned for more silly poetry from A to Z!

Pick up a copy of this silly collection dedicated to the child in all of us and enjoy with a loved one. Or stick around as I’ll continue posting each illustrated poem one letter at a time throughout the month of April. Have fun and stay silly!

Be well,



  1. murisopsis says:

    I think I know some Chat-a-Grumps!

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  2. Kathy Davies says:

    This challenge is proving to be quite the hit with the blog commenters! Some are even including their own silly poems in their posts! Keep an eye out for more of my A to Z postings throughout the month of April – they’ll be featuring poems about things like cats, cows, and dogs. Have a great day!

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