The Slumps

I caught the slumps. I get them periodically. The thesaurus calls them the doldrums or malaise, but the slumps are what I got. It’s not quite the dumps, but heading downward in that direction. I try to look-up, but all I see is the floor. I’m walking around feeling quite poor. I’m struggling writing this piece. I feel I’ve nothing meaningful to say on this day. But I write on. I write on. I write on and on thinking I might write my way to having something to say.

My dog, Jack, seems to know. He comes over periodically offering his cold nose. He bumps me asking me to play. It works for me, he seems to say. When he realizes I’m not up for his advice, he settles for a rub and a hug and meanders away. Suit yourself, he says. Have it your way.

Of course, I know Jack’s right. The best way to get out of the slumps is to play. It’s why I keep finding rhymes while writing on this way. It’s not as fun as the bouncy ball to Jack, but it helps me get on track. If I keep writing on it won’t be long till I’m back.

Be well,



  1. gigglingfattie says:

    Dogs are the BEST for curing the slumps!

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